Eat this, not that—and the “this” and the “that” change, almost daily. We’ll help sort out myths from facts and use evidence to do that. So, whether you’re interested in the Mediterranean diet or chia seeds muffins, we hope you find useful information!.


Fitness is vital to good health from heart disease to cancer. So, get that 30 minutes, or is it 60 minutes of exercise daily 3 times a week or is it supposed to be every day? Again, let's simplify the rules and sort out facts..

General Health

After nutrition and fitness, that leaves a lot of territory from indoor air pollution to needed vaccinations to whether children always need antibiotics for ear infections. Let's look at the most recent evidence in simple terms.


From the Blog:

Nick Saban and the Cleveland Clinic…

Now, you might wonder what the link between Nick Saban and the Cleveland Clinic is?  Not sure if there is any except that two new things I just heard or found out about are fascinating to me and might be useful for you so I’m sharing.

First, Coach Saban.  Now, we went to Auburn and live in TN and get health care at Vanderbilt so our car has an AU sticker (two of them), a bit orange T, and a Vandy Oak Leaf Society sticker- we have several bases covered.  But we are also Alabama fans and LOVE to watch a great team and a great coach- any team, any coach, anytime.  After the AL win (3rd straight SEC title), Coach Saban, referring to why his team won said “You don’t always get what you want in life, but you do mostly get what you deserve” then went on to talk about the talent and commitment of his team.  Have thought about that statement alot and how true it usually is.  But working with a friend with endometrial cancer, a friend with a rare neuroendocrine cancer, and taking care of a neighbors dog who got hit by a car because they let the dogs run loose, I realized that sometimes you just get the short end of the stick (friends with cancers and no risk factors) and the dog who got hurt because her owners did not take care of her.  So while that is generally true that you get what you deserve- for example, the obese, inactive person is MORE likely to get heart disease but sometimes heart disease is luck of the draw (or bad genetics).  But I’m going to keep Coach Saban’s comment in mind and I think it will be inspirational to me (and I hope to the young athletes and other young folks who heard him and are inspired by him).

And so now, how is Coach Saban linked to the Cleveland Clinic?   Not any way that I know of but I also just discovered a great integrative newsletter that the Cleveland Clinic puts out and this issue alone has several good articles–and I wanted to share that.  They ask and answer this question: which artificial sweetener is best  and the answer: stevia and anything else but NOT aspartame.  Check it out:

This week I’m talking about congestive heart failure on the radio and hope to have time to do a post on that.  CHF is a factor in 1 in 9 deaths in the US and a preventable condition in many cases (obesity, HTN,diabetes are major contributors).   Hope to have time to do a post on this.  However, the infirmary duties taking care of both neighbors’ dogs (including getting surgery for Millie and doing postop care and keeping the 100 lb Golden Retriever on our back porch with his heated dog pad) and taking care of their cats while making sure that our dog’s nose does not get too bent out of shape (Daisy has been phenomenal; she is not the controlling type; and is very happy even when everyone does not march to her drummer) and even our cat just seems to have said :”another dog; well, it could have been worse; she (me) always wanted goats”.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday.  Remember, we make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.  Don’t know who said that—could have been Coach Saban.




It’s that dreaded season again- flu and colds

Flu and Colds

The dreaded season is upon us- flu and colds as we spend more time indoors and in groups of people.

Just got a call Monday that my niece has the flu and so we wisely avoided a visit to my brother and sis in law when we went to Nashville Wednesday. This is a topic we’ll talk about on the radio on Thursday (1400 am, 107.7 Fm and on internet as WHUB).  I’m on from 7 to 8 am (get to get up very early on Thursdays).

Let’s start with a quiz about colds and flu and see what we know and what we need to learn to avoid getting and spreading these infections.

  1. Viral Upper Respiratory Infection refers to:

Cold or flu?

Answer: cold- most symptoms above the neck in the upper respiratory tract.  Flu invades the lower respiratory tract as well.

  1. Adults get an average of how many colds per year?
  • 1-2
  • 2-3
  • 3 or more

Answer is 2-3.  There are over 200 cold viruses.  Several flu viruses as well but maybe 3 or 4 of those.

  1. The flu virus is carried on the hands and remains active for several hours and therefore can be easily transmitted by hand.

T or F

The answer is false.  The flu virus is thought to be transmitted mainly by droplets coughed, sneezed, or even talking.  A cough can spray droplets 6 feet away and those can be inhaled by bystanders who become infected.  Famous story about an airplane on the tarmac for 3 hours with no ventilation system and 75% of the 56 passengers became infected by one person with the flu.

The cold virus on the other hand is transmitted very much by hand or fomite transfer.


In both cases, the virus is active on the hands for a couple of hours.  On hard surfaces, the viruses may live longer- even 24 hours.  On tissue, active maybe for 15 minutes.


  1. Antibiotics are good for


  1. flu
  2. cold and flu 4 neither colds nor flu

Antibiotics will not help viruses at all but will help to create really bad drug resistant bacteria.

DO NOT TAKE an antibiotic for a cold or flu.  There are antivirals for flu that must be given within 48hours and reduce the illness by a couple of days and may reduce more serious side effects.

  1. Pneumonia, ear infections, and sinus infections are complications of:
  2. Flu
  3. Colds
  4. Both
  5. Neither

The answer is possibly both and they may be bacterial (we call it secondary infection).  If you have a cold for 10 days and it starts to get worse, you may have developed one of these.


Just got back on the blog- Apologies and Happy Thanksgiving

I have lots of apologies to people today.  For months, I could not get back on this blog–for some reason.  And today, I did (the day before Thanksgiving).  Many comments, notes, and requests and I am making apologies as fast as I can and sending emails.  Also today making dressing for 14 people, making pumpkin muffins, meeting one of the Tech faculty to talk about the role of the new governing board, and hopefully taking the dog for a long walk (we just lost our beloved 14 year old dog Missy who was Daisy’s buddy most of the time and arch rival some of the time and so are giving Daisy extra TLC). Friday gets back to normal (as normal as it ever gets!)

So with apologies to folks I “owe” comments, responses, data, or posts to–Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Be reasonable in your eating and take a long walk, too!