Eat this, not that—and the “this” and the “that” change, almost daily. We’ll help sort out myths from facts and use evidence to do that. So, whether you’re interested in the Mediterranean diet or chia seeds muffins, we hope you find useful information!.


Fitness is vital to good health from heart disease to cancer. So, get that 30 minutes, or is it 60 minutes of exercise daily 3 times a week or is it supposed to be every day? Again, let's simplify the rules and sort out facts..

General Health

After nutrition and fitness, that leaves a lot of territory from indoor air pollution to needed vaccinations to whether children always need antibiotics for ear infections. Let's look at the most recent evidence in simple terms.


From the Blog:

Six Numbers to Know By Heart

The Cleveland Clinic did a great article with lots of good background materials available at a click. Google Cleveland clinic to get to their website. They do great talks by experts that you can listen to for free, as well.

Talked about it on the radio today and wanted to share this website, in general, and this article in particular since it is heart disease month. Google Cleveland Clinic and Six Numbers you need to know by heart—if the link below does not work.

The more we know about vitamin D the more we need to know..

Just came across a great slide show on vitamin D. After this weeks report that vitamin D may reduce the risk of colds and flu in those who are deficient (and so many are), this slide show seemed particularly important.

Read this if you are in the high risk category (over 50, dark skinned, obese, live in the north, stay inside alot, have a young baby who is breastfeeding or kids). Actually, just read this-it is common enough that we need to know this.

You can overdose on vitamin D (but at high levels; over 4000 IU per day is getting up there). So, talk with your doctor about vitamin D supplementation.

Here is a great slide show from WebMD

or google “Slideshow: The Truth about Vitamin D”

Vitamin D may help prevent colds and flu

A large international study just looked at this question: does vitamin D supplementation reduce the risk of colds and flu? the answer was “yes!” by about 50% in those were were deficient in vitamin D to start with and even 10% in those who were not deficient in vitamin D. Now, it is a LARGE study, but looked at over 20 separate studies to reach that conclusion. This is important since vitamin D deficiency is very prevalent. Certain groups- those who stay indoors, those who really follow the recommendations for sunscreen, the elderly who don’t convert the previtamin D in the skin to the active form quite as well, the obese. So, this article is worth note. It is worth asking your doctor about this, about whether your vitamin D levels are low or not (easy to check with a blood test if you are in one of those high risk groups particularly) and whether you would benefit from a supplement.
A report of this study is in this link;..