Pomegranates- good for you!

Today’s tip from a respected integrative medicine authority, Dr. Andrew Weil, is to eat more pomegranates.  He cites a review by an equally renowned individual, herbalist James Duke, who reviewed evidence on the fruit and concluded “it is one of the most promising of health foods with a dozen known anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and some 3 dozen antioxidants.   Dr. Weil’s tip for the day reports that Duke found studies suggesting that the fruit or juice may help prevent or alleviate;

Heart disease and atherosclerosis

High cholesterol

Prostate cancer

Alzheimer’s disease

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not sure how much fun eating a fruit with over 600 seeds is but the juice sure is tasty.   Although pomegranate juice is both expensive AND high in calories (as many calories as sugar sweetened soda).  I have this “thing” about drinking calories- won’t do it; they just go down too fast at too great a cost.  However, I do add about 2 ounces of pomegranate juice to our morning iced green tea and that is a nice “kick” added to the tea with only about 30 or so calories added.   Dr Weil reminds us that if you can’t afford the pomegranate, stick with other deep-colored fruits like cherries, berries, and raspberries.   The more color in your diet, the better.   Remember to aim for variety, too.  As great as blueberries are, blueberries EVERY day still mean you will miss out if you don’t vary the rest of your diet.

Check out www.DrWeil.com for some great tips (LOTS of advertising, but worth the trade-off).Breakfast Cereal 3

Okay, I’m headed into the kitchen to make the green tea (fresh retains the important nutrients) and then add the ice and pomegranate juice and will microwave some whole wheat blueberry flax meal muffins that I make and keep in the freezer.  Now, I’m getting hungry.

Here’s to YOUR best health!

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